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News - My Degree

For those of you who know me, I've wanted to be an animator since I was 4. When I graduated High School in 2005, my first choice was Full Sail University. They're an elite Multimedia college known for getting dream jobs for alumni fresh from graduation (i.e. stage lighting for Broadway, Imagineering for Disney Parks, Directing motion pictures, Animating for blockbusters, etc.).

It seemed that due to the cost, commute distance, and other problems, I would have to pass my Full Sail Animation training up for Daytona Beach Community College (Now Daytona State). After 2 years there, preparing for University of Central Florida... I ended up moving to Missouri with my Parents and brother. Here I began attending Evangel University and changed my Major to Film since Missouri State's Animation Program wouldn't takem any of my credits from Florida. 2 years later I "graduated" from EU (I attended the ceremony, but complications kept me from the actual diploma). With enough credits for an AA in Art and nearly enough for a BA in film but no actual diploma, and only one animation course under my belt, I searched online for possible online animation completion...

Behold, I saw something I thought I'd given up 6 years ago... a chance to earn my Animation degree from Full Sail... ONLINE!!
Only recently had Full Sail made an online animation degree available. It seems that even when God closes a door and opens a window, there may be a second chance at the door later.

I am currently enrolled in their Online Bachelor Degree Program for Computer Animation. Finally... My educational journey is heading me in the direction of my dream.

Thank you all for your prayers and support,